Sophomore Signing Day

Tony Ortiz

Singed with University of Tulane IN 2016 while at Arkansas St Tony started in 36 games while playing in 52 He hit .231 with 7 doubles, 1 triple and 1 HR He also threw 5.0 innings on the mound posting a 1.80 ERA

Boone Casarez

Signed with Campbsville University In 2016 Boone was 1-1 on with 20.1 innings pitched. He had 12K's to 12BB and a 3.54 ERA.

Austin Crowson

Signed with University of Nevada-Reno In 2016 Austin was 6-1 with 44.2 innings. He had 45K's to 21 BB and a 2.61 ERA

Cooper Webster

Signed with Northwest Nazarene In 2016 Cooper was 4-2 in 49.0 innings. He had 24K's to 15BB and a 3.12 ERA

Landon Bourassa

Signed with University of San Francisco In 2016 Landon was 3-2 with 1 save and pitched 34.0 innings 27K's to 9BB and a 2.38 ERA

Kyle Keith

Signed at University of Southern Mississippi  In 2016 Kyle pitched 55.2 innings was 6-2 with 46K's and 24 BB and a 3.07 ERA

Jalen Fuhriman

RHP Singed at University of Northwest Nazarene In 2015 Jalen pitched 19.2 innings had 27K to 8BB and had a 2.28 ERA