Playing After Lane

It is very important to our coaching staff that players continue their educational careers after Lane.  While it is impossible to list every player that has gone on to a four-year school, we can provide a list of those that have continued both their academic and basketball careers (on scholarship) during coach Sheleys tenure as the Lady Titan coach.

Name Signed With Years at Lane
Jordan Rodriguez Notre Dame de Namur University 2015-17
Bre DeBois Cal State Dominguez Hills University 2014-16
Jordan Kimbrough Cal Poly Pamona 2014-16
Gabby Heen Cal Poly Pamona 2014-16
Shelby Snook Western Oregon University 2014-16
Marikah Wright Mount Royal University 2013-14
Brandy Jo Blackburn  University of Nebraska Kearney 2011-13
Tori Mahaffie University of Mary 2012-14
Joleen Chanco Bethany College 2011-14
Megan Shields Humboldt State University         2011-13
Kersey Wilcox Humboldt State University 2011-13
Simone Thompson Cal State Dominguez Hills University 2012-13
Courtney Walchli Warner Pacific College 2011-13    
Jordan Wilcox Warner Pacific College 2011-13
Danielle Schmidt Northwest Christian University 2011-13
Reed Levings University of Nebraska Kearney 2010-12
Ashley Smith University of Pacific (Stockton, CA) 2010-11
Kristen Huff The Master's College 2009-11
Makenzie Ficek William Penn University 2009-11
Brittany May William Penn University 2009-11
Susan Smith William Penn University 2009-11
Lynette Minthorn New Mexico Highlands/Eastern Oregon University 2008-10
Theresa Brown The Master's College 2008-10
Sarah Brolsma-Whitfield Florida Gulf Coast University 2008-10
Sheena Cole New Mexico Highlands/Northwest Christian University 2007-09
Jennifer Kimbrow Mesa State 2007-09
Kourtney Parks Seattle University 2008-09
Mercedes Alexander Seattle University 2006-08
Nicole Morgan Oregon Institute Of Technology 2006-08
Lisa Busch Oregon Institute Of Technology 2007-08
Shelby Stephens Talladega College 2006-08
Calie McVicker Northwest Christian University 2005-07
Kammy Martindale Regis University 2005-07
LeAsia Jones Evergreen State College 2005-06
Lisa Fernandez Northern Arizona University 2004-06
Cora McVey Oregon Institute Of Technology 2004-06
Domonique King Mesa State 2003-06
Ashley Sequeira Missouri Valley College 2003-05
Kristen Nelson Northwest Christian University 2003-05
Kellie Griner Oregon Institute Of Technology 2002-05
Kailee Short Southern Oregon University 2002-04
Chelsey Brock Southern Oregon University 2002-04
Jennifer Bell Willamette University 2002-04
Talisha Rath University Of Nevada Reno 2001-03
Janell Sapienza Southern Oregon University 2001-02
Nicole Brown Cascade College/Warner Pacific 2001-02
Sandra Isabell Eastern Oregon University 2000-02
Jenny Pippa Cascade College 2000-02
Hiedi Gilbert Cascade College 2000-02
Taralee Suppah Fort Lewis College 1998-00
Christina Cabo Cal State University Stanislaus 1998-00