Eugene Trails

Pre's Trail

Located off Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard, near University of Oregon's Autzen Stadium.  It is a fairly flat trail covered with wood chips and some single track dirt trails, gravel sections, and patches of asphalt on the Big Loop.  There are three main loops, with interlinking paths:Southeast (Big Loop)-1.66 miles, Center (Parcourse Loop)-.65 miles, Northwest (Bottom Loop)-1.06 miles.

Pre's Trail lies within Alton Baker Park, and is accessible from parking lots at three trailhead entrances at each of the three main loops. There are two footbridges, providing access from the University of Oregon campus, located just across the Willamette River. From campus, the Center Loop can be accessed via the Autzen Footbridge (south of Autzen Stadium, half a block north of Franklin and Agate Streets), and to the southeastern Big Loop via the Knickerbocker Footbridge (near Franklin and Riverview Streets).



Adidas Amazon Trail

 Located just South of McChesney Track and South Eugene High School.  The smooth, bark chip trail is one mile around with a 1500 meter cut-off and 1km inner loop.  The mile loop is marked every quarter and the kilometer loop is marked every 100 meters. A trail segment is lighted, making it visible for running at night. Just south of Amazon Trail is Rexius Trail, a 3.5 mile bark chip loop along Amazon Creek.


Hendricks Park

This is Eugene's oldest park and located less than a mile east of Hayward Field.  It is a 78-acre filled area with a vast array of trees, rolling hills, trails, paved paths, park roads, and cinder paths.  Just accross the street is the 12-acre Rhododendron Garden with a variety of rolling cinder path trails.










Bloomberg Park

Located off 30th Avenue across from Lane's Campus in South Eugene.  Covered with grass and gravel, there are a variety of different distances that can be covered on the hilly 1-Mile Loop because of the various side trails.  Another access point is off of Bloomberg Road.



Ridgeline Trail System

A very rugged trail system winding all throughout Eugene; even connecting up with some of the above mentioned trails.  Running Ridgeline will include scenic views of the city, long hill climbs, rolling hills, wood-chip trails, and plenty of shade from the fir and pine trees.  Ridgeline Trail is accessible from Dillard Road, Fox Hollow, Willamette Street and Blanton Road. Trail maps are posted at the trail heads.


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