Tom Pagani with Gabrielle Head.

05/16/2017 11:44

Everybody has a story. This is a feel good one. Meet Gabby Head, senior javelin thrower from Fresno Pacific University. She came to FPU from Lane Community College in Eugene, Or. with a PR of 145'. She had to wait a year to get some eligibility issues squared away but worked out on her own. Bicep tendon and shoulder pain kept her from improving and it looked like surgery was her only option. As much time was spent in the training room as on the track. Lots of tears and frustration. Meanwhile, she continued to work part time at two jobs, one as an instructor at a boot camp fitness instructor and the other at a solar company. She went to school full time, worked out on the track team and never missed practice. Aside from an occasional grunt or squeak, she never complained and always went above and beyond. Workouts were modified, jump and sprint testing were good, strength testing excellent, 2 handed throws replaced single arm throws.

However, the pain persisted, and best she could manage were throws in the 135-145' range.
Until last Saturday. With her back against the wall, in her last meet on her last throw, she hit one at 161'11". Stadium record, school record, and currently second nationally in D2.

Wish her well on May 28th. She deserves it.