Track Athletes Come Together in Support of Lane's Larry Ragsdale

05/27/2010 10:29

Spokane, Wash - At the 2010 NWAACC Track and Field Championships held in Spokane Monday and Tuesday, athletes completed their season and in some cases their community college careers. Athletes competed to achieve personal bests and contribute to their team's success. Amid all of the competition and rivalries emerged an amazing story of camaraderie.

At the end of the event, during the team awards ceremony, athletes huddled together near the finish line and called out to Lane head coach Grady O'Connor.

In a gesture to honor Lane's Larry Ragsdale who is currently in a coma following a automobile accident, each of the hurdler athletes gave their medals a plaques to O'Connor. The athletes from all different schools told O'Connor "we want you to give these to Larry to show that we are all pulling for him."

O'Connor said "I was speechless. The support from all of the teams during the weekend was tremendous. Spokane put a tribute to Larry in the meet program, all of the athletes signed a poster, the total support was amazing."

The track and field community came together at the banquet Monday evening to raise over $500 by selling braclets that the Lane team has been wearing all season. The team sold 200 bracelets some of which were given back to be resold.

Larry has been in the hospital in Corvallis since March 11, when he suffered a traumatic brain injury in a crash on Highway 99 just north of Monroe.

Donations for Larry Ragsdale's medical care may be made at US Bank branch locations. The account number is 153663491261.